How to effectively clean your carpet?


What a joy was putting on your barefoot, its soft carpet! But with all the vagaries of life, the back and forth and the unfortunate stains… Your carpet is not as soft and colorful as it used to be. Not to mention the real mite nest that it becomes with the accumulation of dust! Do you want to find it as it Used to have been? Discover our cleaning ideas and suggestions for maintaining your carpet!

·         First and foremost: Dusting!

·         Good cleaning: dishwashing liquid and white vinegar

·         Find the original color: baking soda and sparkling water

·         Foam cleaner for a clean carpet

·         To detach properly: nothing better than shaving foam!

·         Steam to clean everything!

·         First and foremost: Dusting!

The cleaning of a carpet is compulsory, and this is required every day—step: the vacuum cleaner.

To remove dust that clumps over time, vacuum with its brush tip at least twice a week! Thus you protect and prevent your carpet from possible parasites (moths, beetles), which could develop by nesting in the carpet's fibers.

Warning: Stop vacuuming in brush mode if your carpet is fresh or fragile, which may be too aggressive. Gently clean to prevent destroying it!

White vinegar and washing up liquid for effective carpet cleaning:

We no longer celebrate white vinegar merits, but this natural substance remains the miracle solution for the house's daily maintenance! It cleanses, purifies, and is a perfect remover of stains!

It is then obvious that white vinegar is used for cleaning your carpet. All types of foods (grease, coffee, tea, etc.) stain the latter? Then it's time to take out super vinegar, an outstanding stain remover: pour white vinegar on one of your clean cloths, then dab and rub the stain with it. Wait a decent 15 minutes to take impact, the period for the magical substance. You have to call the faithful dishwashing liquid partner for the next level! Lick the solution as much as possible with a little water. You will be able to deposit the mixture on the targeted area and rub it all with a brush or a sponge. The pain is disappearing (the stain). You have to rinse with clear water and let dry.

Find the carpet's initial color: baking soda and sparkling water.

Isn't the carpet sparkling with its initial colors anymore? To retrieve them and clean them all, there is a solution: sparkling water and baking soda!

Using your sponge, soak the carpet with sparkling water, then rub gently with a brush. Please wait to rinse the furniture, then pour all over it with the baking soda. Leave the baking soda to work and vacuum it up as soon as it is dry. Now you can admire the colors of your beloved carpet again.

Use cleaning foam for a clean carpet

Carpet cleaning sprays and foams are also very effective in sanitizing your carpet.

Attention: Protect your hands with gloves!

Spray the product all over your carpet. You can help the foam penetrate the fibers by pressing your hand's flat on the carpet. Leave to act for the time indicated in the instructions for use, then scrub everything using a brush or a broom. Don't forget to finish by vacuuming!

To properly remove a stain from a carpet: nothing better than shaving foam!

 And yes, it's amazing, but it also helps to remove stains!

Apply the shaving foam over the whole mat in a dense coat. Let it on for at least an hour and use a brush or broom to rub aggressively, and you're done!

You may also use shaving foam as an alternative to carpet cleaner foam. And yes, it's amazing, but it also helps to remove stains!

Steam to clean everything!

You can use that to scrub the carpet if you've got a steam cleaner! The heat released by the steam will clean the whole pile of your carpet efficiently. It will then come out like new!

Remove urine odor from a carpet

In a container, mix hot water with one tablespoon of baking soda and a little lemon juice (for the right smell). Pour the solution on the spot where the animal has urinated.

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